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Invest in the Future, Invest in Airbnb Properties!

As the economic world and its markets shift to make room for newer contenders, investors need to keep an eye out for any better investment opportunities that might come along with these new market players.

Traditional Investors who only wish to play it safe and invest in traditionally profitable markets and companies have suffered the most in these unprecedented times of a pandemic. The businesses that were guaranteed to deliver the highest profits have failed to even stay in business and those that did manage to keep afloat have taken a huge hit to their profit margins. These atrocities that the times have brought onto us are not only to fight through but also to learn from. It is time to re-think what we have needed to do differently all along.
Almost all sectors of investment have been taken aback during these times, which is just as one would expect, but it is those extra ordinarily innovative ones that did not sink despite of their very predictable failure. 

Comparatively, newer investment options might not sound very promising to a traditional investor but imagine if Apple’s initial investors had lacked the foresight for what the future could bring and had rejected the investment opportunity without having realized how big of an opportunity they were passing up on. They would have lost billions!

Market players like Airbnb properties that have built themselves up from some mere start up seed money represent how money, if put in place, can make the biggest difference.

Airbnb being one of the most high profile companies to ever emerge out of start-up accelerator, is one of the few companies that every smart investor has their eyes on in 2020. To build up a brand name as established and well reputed as Airbnb has, it must have taken the utmost perseverance and an innovative bone. Those are the qualities that it takes to build up a business empire out of a small amount of seed money.   

The YC tells the founders of its companies to prepare for the hardest in the few initial years to build up the company. Those are the years that define any company, set it apart from those who do not make it. If a company pulls through these years successfully, it becomes rather immune to failing in the near future. And as profitable and successful as Airbnb has gotten in this decade, we can only see an even brighter future ahead.
Airbnb is the definition of a globally successful company with having over 7 million listings spread across 22 million countries.

Especially In a time like the present, where companies, globally, have been hit hard because of the economic demise that this pandemic has brought upon the international business community. One might find it very normal for a company that generates its revenues mostly via travelers to suffer or fail completely. But Airbnb has outsmarted something as unpredictable as a pandemic and has managed to keep generating profits by adapting to these restrictions.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Airbnb shifted to local travel just in time and so perfectly that they received just as many bookings by the start of July as they did before the pandemic. We would call that the equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of a hat in the business world.

Airbnb was expected to be one of the companies that would most definitely endure big losses because of this pandemic, but because of its innovative founders it managed to keep in business, and that is part of the reason Airbnb’s IPO is being called the most anticipated public debut of any YC company in 2020, coming up at the end of this year.
Any investors looking to invest in the stock market can see this as possibly the best investment opportunity to come along all year. And it would make the perfect investment opportunity for those investors who wish to take a leap and invest in the future.

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Why Investing in Airbnb Properties Is Worth It?

Investing in Airbnb Properties

Airbnb is an online platform for individuals interested in renting out their homes. This platform connects them with tourists and travellers who are searching for accommodation in the homeowners’ area.

Well, Airbnb real estate investing is undoubtedly a great way for investors to earn money from their investment property. Basically, it’s a strategy in which a real estate investor purchases a rental property, listing either the individual rooms on Airbnb or the entire house. Usually, a real estate investor does not live in the Airbnb investment property.

Since the platform was launched more than a decade ago, it has attained tremendous growth. If you’re interested in becoming an Airbnb host, you may be wondering whether it’ll be a profitable real estate investment. Well, generally, Airbnb real estate investment is perceived as one of the best real estate investments to make now, thanks to the plethora of opportunities it presents for investors.

However, the Airbnb rental strategy does not come without its pitfalls. How successful you’ll be in this business will depend on a number of factors. Before taking the dive, consider the benefits and drawbacks of Airbnb. This blog will help you get a better idea of whether Airbnb real estate investing will be a good fit for you. Here’s a list of the benefits that Airbnb offers:

Free Listings

You don’t need to pay expensive sign-up fees to list your rental property on Airbnb. What you need to do is create your profile with good paragraphs and a decent written description. This allows prospective guests to understand what you’re offering.

High Potential Returns

If your Airbnb property is located in a favorite tourist destination, is furnished well, properly listed, and offers top-notch customer service, you can net a high return on investment by attracting a steady stream of guests. It can even bring in more revenue than it would if you were the landlord of a long term rental.

You Can Set Your Own Price

As a host, Airbnb real estate investing gives you the flexibility to decide how to charge guests: monthly, weekly, or even per night. As an Airbnb real estate host or investor, you can also increase the rental price since it is fixed just for the term of the leases. Just make sure you add the change in your listing.

Host Protection

There are several risks associated with Airbnb hosting. However, in certain countries, the Airbnb Host Guarantee program protects hosts for up to $1,000 if a guest damages the rental property. Keep in mind that this doesn’t replace renters or homeowners insurance.

Cultural Experiences

Besides the money, Airbnb real estate investing often brings about cultural exchanges. This is because many travelers from across the planet and from every walk of life now use the platform. If  learning about new cultures is something that fascinates you, you can get a fair dose of it from the various travelers.

More Flexibility

Owning an Airbnb investment also offers flexibility. For example, if your property isn’t available on a certain date, you can choose to block off that particular date. This way, it won’t allow guests to book for the dates your property won’t be available. If you plan on being out of town or need to do a major repair, you can block this date off. However, no such option is granted to a typical landlord.

Control the Upkeep of Your Rental Property

After a landlord signs a lease with long-term tenants, it practically belongs to the tenants even though it’s the landlord that has to maintain the property. Usually, the landlord loses a fair bit of control over their property; sometimes, this leads to substantial damages to the home, repairing of which may be costly. However, with short-term rentals, you get to check the property regularly. You’ll be doing maintenance and cleaning it more often.

The Bottom Line Airbnb real estate investing can be quite lucrative. So, is investing in Airbnb an option you should be taking seriously? Well, that depends on you and your particular situation. Before deciding on becoming an Airbnb host, it’s a good idea to go through all the benefits we’ve discussed above. If you choose to invest in Airbnb properties, you can turn to the Republic Investment Group to find and analyze a profitable Airbnb investment property in the US.

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Is Inventing in Airbnb Properties Still A Good Idea?

Inventing in Airbnb Properties

People who have invested in Airbnb have made a huge fortune with short-term rentals. But, it’s not all that easy – there are a ton of things that most real estate investors ignore, which results in loss of their money. Like any other investment, Airbnb also needs due diligence and a strategy.

If you’re planning to invest in Airbnb properties, then you’re in luck as we’ll be sharing some of the things that you should know about before you invest in Airbnb properties today.  

Don’t Jump Right Into It

Every real estate investor’s dream is to make millions overnight, but sadly, that’s not how it happens. The same is with Airbnb investment. Before deciding to invest in this particular market, ask yourself that do you really want to be a part of it at all? While we could help you in deciding but only you and you alone should answer that.

Just like any other business, you need to start small. Don’t jump right into it as that never turns out good for anyone. When making a business strategy, consider the pros and cons of investment in Airbnb properties. Doing the proper research before investing in this market will help you understand it better and make it easy for you to decide whether to invest or not.

There Are Regulations Involved

Yes, you heard us right – there are regulations involved, and we recommend you understand them before you invest in Airbnb properties. In some cities, it is restricted and even illegal to lease properties on a short-term basis. These cities include New York, San Francisco, and Santa Monica. In these cities, it is illegal to rent out properties unless the permanent tenant or the owner is residing in the property while it is being rented on Airbnb.

If you don’t comply, you might be subjected to harsh legal consequences that could ruin your future in the Airbnb market. We don’t say this because it could happen, we say this because it has happened to Airbnb investors and, as a result, they had to pay hefty amounts of cash in fines. So, be careful and understand the regulations before you plan to invest in Airbnb properties.

Tough Competition

If anyone has told you that investing in Airbnb is the easiest way to make insane money, then let us tell you that you’ve been fooled. The Airbnb market is very competitive, just having a rental property isn’t enough, you should know the art of marketing it as well.

Airbnb claims to operate in almost 65,000 cities with more than 3,000,000 listings. So, how could you make your property stand apart? Let us tell you a little secret. Airbnb market runs on reviews from people who’ve rented your property. In order to get a good review from them, you need to spend a little extra, like quality beddings, professional photography, welcome basket, bathroom accessories – all of this coupled with the right marketing will surely make your rental property stand apart from the rest.