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Invest in the Future, Invest in Airbnb Properties!

As the economic world and its markets shift to make room for newer contenders, investors need to keep an eye out for any better investment opportunities that might come along with these new market players.

Traditional Investors who only wish to play it safe and invest in traditionally profitable markets and companies have suffered the most in these unprecedented times of a pandemic. The businesses that were guaranteed to deliver the highest profits have failed to even stay in business and those that did manage to keep afloat have taken a huge hit to their profit margins. These atrocities that the times have brought onto us are not only to fight through but also to learn from. It is time to re-think what we have needed to do differently all along.
Almost all sectors of investment have been taken aback during these times, which is just as one would expect, but it is those extra ordinarily innovative ones that did not sink despite of their very predictable failure. 

Comparatively, newer investment options might not sound very promising to a traditional investor but imagine if Apple’s initial investors had lacked the foresight for what the future could bring and had rejected the investment opportunity without having realized how big of an opportunity they were passing up on. They would have lost billions!

Market players like Airbnb properties that have built themselves up from some mere start up seed money represent how money, if put in place, can make the biggest difference.

Airbnb being one of the most high profile companies to ever emerge out of start-up accelerator, is one of the few companies that every smart investor has their eyes on in 2020. To build up a brand name as established and well reputed as Airbnb has, it must have taken the utmost perseverance and an innovative bone. Those are the qualities that it takes to build up a business empire out of a small amount of seed money.   

The YC tells the founders of its companies to prepare for the hardest in the few initial years to build up the company. Those are the years that define any company, set it apart from those who do not make it. If a company pulls through these years successfully, it becomes rather immune to failing in the near future. And as profitable and successful as Airbnb has gotten in this decade, we can only see an even brighter future ahead.
Airbnb is the definition of a globally successful company with having over 7 million listings spread across 22 million countries.

Especially In a time like the present, where companies, globally, have been hit hard because of the economic demise that this pandemic has brought upon the international business community. One might find it very normal for a company that generates its revenues mostly via travelers to suffer or fail completely. But Airbnb has outsmarted something as unpredictable as a pandemic and has managed to keep generating profits by adapting to these restrictions.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Airbnb shifted to local travel just in time and so perfectly that they received just as many bookings by the start of July as they did before the pandemic. We would call that the equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of a hat in the business world.

Airbnb was expected to be one of the companies that would most definitely endure big losses because of this pandemic, but because of its innovative founders it managed to keep in business, and that is part of the reason Airbnb’s IPO is being called the most anticipated public debut of any YC company in 2020, coming up at the end of this year.
Any investors looking to invest in the stock market can see this as possibly the best investment opportunity to come along all year. And it would make the perfect investment opportunity for those investors who wish to take a leap and invest in the future.

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Why you Should Invest in Multifamily Properties?

Are you a first time investor looking for a secure and guaranteed way of making a real estate investment? Then multifamily properties might be the most appropriate form of investment for you.

When it comes to making investments in property and real estate, every investor might have a different outlook. Some might prefer distributing their investment among different property units to not put all of their eggs into one basket, but others might not have the same approach.
There are a ton of benefits that come with investing in properties like multifamily houses where all your wealth is tied together.

Any property that has more than one unit is considered a multifamily property. The smallest units are duplexes, which are called two family homes in different parts of the U.S. Then triplexes and four-plexes with three and four units in each property.  

Most rental multifamily properties are financed by banks just as single family homes usually are. The most popular way of making such an investment is by acquiring ownership of the multi-unit property where the owner resides in one of the units and rents out the rest of the units to tenants. This is an easy way to secure your investment. This kind of setting can be financially benefitting and help lower the interest rates and even lower down payment in certain cases.

It also saves a lot on the cost of property management fees as you will easily be able to self-manage the property instead of lending the job to another party, which would cost you heavily in the name of managing your property, which usually rounds up to hundreds of dollars each month.
This also saves a lot of inconvenience for the owner whenever there is a need to visit the property as there is usually a rental home. The owner can monitor and maintain the property along with their own residence without any extra cost or hassle.
The owner has the liberty to choose the tenants’ demographics for his multifamily property considering whichever kind of family or people would be easier for the owner to manage.

As these properties grow in scale, they begin to fall in the category of “commercial real estate.” Any property with five or more units falls in this category and qualifies for a more expensive kind of financing. This is because the property on a scale that large does not strictly qualify for a residential property.

Profit margins and complexities grow as the scale of the property units grows, and each kind of investment attracts different kinds of investors. From two family properties to high-rise apartment buildings, the opportunities are endless.

One of the many benefits of investing in a multifamily property is the steady cash flow it generates each month. Especially in strong markets where it is relatively easier to re-lease the property to the owner after another, to keep the income flowing consistently. Setting rent rates is also easier as they are mostly quite predictable. This helps the investor generate a dependable and safe amount of income throughout the year with the minimum amount of risks and expenses.

The current economic downturn caused by this pandemic has made investors rethink their investment strategies. Those who had invested in properties that were deemed “non-essential” because of this pandemic have suffered a great loss. However, housing is a basic necessity that can never lose its value no matter how badly hit every other business sector might be, which makes a multifamily property investment the safest kind of investment in real estate investment.

The upcoming government has every investor conscious about the change in tax rates, and no one is sure as to which parties will be benefited from the new expected taxation standards. In multifamily homes, there is a great tax advantage. Like most investors, you can use a mortgage to finance the property. Because of asset depreciation, a sizable amount of income coming from rent can be balanced each year, making this class of asset one of great profitability.

There are tons of more benefits to Invest in Multifamily properties, and we are here to guide you along the way, feel free to contact us for a consultation.    

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The Experts in Real Estate Analysis

Proper amount of homework can differentiate between failing and succeeding in any market, especially in one like real estate where new players enter the market every day, shifting the competitive landscape and threatening those who are oblivious to the new developments occurring in the field.
This is why real estate analysis is one of the most important parts of managing any investor’s property. It helps you keep up with the market’s ever-changing conditions and lets you prepare well in advance for your future investment needs. It can help you adjust your strategies just in time with that of your competitors’ so you don’t lose your profit to them.
Real estate Analysis is also important to keep the investor fresh on research and knowledge to keep moving forward at all times. Because once an investor’s profits start to stand stagnant at a level, he might get stuck, and before too long, the profit margins might start to fall drastically.

All these circumstances should be in an investor’s mind plenty of time before they rise to the surface. A proactive approach is the only approach that has been proven to work in this regard. At the Republic Investment Group, the first step we take before making any investment on behalf of our clients is to conduct a proper in-depth analysis of their investment options and interests.
Our years of experience working with multiple clients in every sort of complex market have always given us an upper hand over the problems any of our partners come to face while making or managing their investment. Having worked in different market conditions, we are prepared to advise our partners against any ups and downs that the time or the economy might bring upon them and their investments.

Before you even choose the kind of property you want to invest in, we will present you with all the reasons you should invest and all the reasons that you should not. We will explain to you using our expertise what kind of investment would be ideal for the kind of investor you are and what kind of return you are looking for to come out of your investment.

Every experienced real estate investor understands that the time when one purchases the property is the actual time to make money, the physical profit would come along in the future when it is time to sell the property but making the right decisions and doing the accurate analysis at the time of purchase will determine how much of a profit you will be making when it is time to sell. That is because an ordinary realtor or estate agent might have you believe that if you market the property properly at the time of sale, you can rake in any amount of profit, you have to use the right tools needed to make the property attractive to the buyers. But it is actually virtually impossible to gain a substantial profit on a property that you purchase for an unreasonably high price. An overpriced property will bring in little to no profit, no matter how much effort you put into making a sale. It is rather easier to add value to the property after purchasing for a reasonable and fair price and then selling it for a big profit margin. The property does not need to be in perfect condition when you purchase it, all that matters is that it is priced right. Instead of paying extra for the property at the time of purchase, you should instead buy a property for a lower price and invest that extra money you saved on the property’s price to renovate or remodel it according to what the market demands in that particular time.

With our specialized training to work with investors of all kinds and properties of different sizes and scales, the Republic Investment Group will give you a complete picture of every factor involved in making and managing your investment. We regularly review real estate market performance reports from the most authentic sources and keep an abundant amount of information on each real estate market throughout your state.

So, contact us today, and we will ensure that you gain the most profitable return on the investment you wish to make!

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Save on Taxes, Invest in Self Directed IRAs

Real Estate Investments can be quite complicated to handle for any investor. There are too many reasons why any investor would think a hundred times before opting for any new investment. There are multiple setbacks an investor might have to consider and watch out for when making an investment, and the biggest setback of them all might be taxation.

Every investor’s dire wish is to minimize the amount of taxes they pay on their investment income and put all that money towards their future savings.
This can be a hard trick to pull off, and staying within the legal boundaries while minimizing the tax percentage on your investments can seem difficult for any investor. Any ordinary method used by a realtor or an estate agent might be able to cross a few figures off your tax payments, but it might not be the safest in terms of legalities.  

The only right way to minimize your taxes is to look for the types of investments which the government offers tax breaks for or offers relaxation in taxes for like it does for retirement savings.

A viable option to save in the name of retirement can be a self directed IRA for real estate. It is a kind of traditional IRA, also known as Roth IRA, which offers the same IRA contribution limits but, at the same time, provides you with the ability to make retirement savings with a tax advantage. The only thing that sets it apart from other IRAs is the different kinds of assets you would invest in, which offers an investor a much wider variety of assets to choose from for their account while offering a tax relaxation.

Usually, IRAs contain stocks, bonds, mutual funds and many other popularly known investment options. Whereas with a self-directed IRA, the investment options get plenty more diverse. All you need is a custodian, and you can freely invest in either real estate or in a private company, the choice is completely yours.

Given the complex nature of self-directed IRAs, you will need accurate financial advice before you go through the investment procedure. Given the time the Republic Investment Group has spent in the field, it will be ideal for any investor to let us guide them through their investment journey.

A self-directed IRA offering greater returns with greater diversification is likely to attract any investor. Typically investors feel conscious about the risks involved with a self-directed IRA, and despite the promise of high returns, not many investors choose self-directed IRAs. But with the right amount of knowledge, experience, wit and creativity, a self-directed IRA can yield higher margins and avert all the possible risks that inexperienced investors might have to bear.

The most important thing when making such an investment is to remember the rules and follow them closely; otherwise, an investor can end up with penalties and interests to deal with. We will be there to remind you ahead of that, for example, to remind you to not borrow any amount of money from your IRA, or from making the sale of any property to your IRA and many other loopholes which can be difficult to see for any ordinary agent or realtor who usually misses seeing the bigger picture.

Here at the Republic Investment Group, we take pride in being one of the best in the market to avert risks for any investment by using the tools necessary to multiply the initial investment, especially in the case of an investment such as a self-directed IRA. This type of investment has been proven to multiply the investor’s wealth when put in the right hands. The scale at which you produce returns depends solely on how competent your financial advisors are.

A specialized real estate investment firm like ours will offer you the chance to utilize the best of possibilities that a self-directed IRA investment has to offer without having to worry about whether or not you have the appropriate experience or a sufficient amount of knowledge on the subject. All you have to do is trust us with your investment, and will be sure to educate you on every aspect of the matter.

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Property Management Giving you a Tough Time?

For any investor looking for a profitable investment opportunity, real estate may seem like the most attractive option, but there is a lot that goes into making and managing investment in real estate than meets the eye. That is why it is not perceived as the easiest type of investment. Many people might abstain from bringing their investments into the real estate market for the fear of being unaware of the jargons and the implications used in the real estate sector.

Here at the Republic Investment Group, we make use of our expertise and knowledge of the real estate sector to help you maximize your profits. Our vast experience in the sector helps us formulate proactive strategies to help manage your investment in the most profitable way possible.

We believe that no amount of knowledge of the market can guarantee you success in property management, and it is actually the swift decision making and contingent approach by an investor that results in success. We believe in taking the right step at the right time to help you gain maximum profits and secure your investment.  

It is not enough to place your savings into safe hands but also in the hands of someone smart. Someone who might know a thing or about making decisions quickly when the need be.

Also, an experienced real estate investor will be far more vigilant to any opportunities coming his way and find it easier to dodge any loss anticipated in the future. That is why it is essential for any new investor to team up with a group of experienced professionals before going into the business of investors’ property management.

At Republic Investment Group, we prioritize educating the investor on where and how their money is being invested and letting the investor choose freely to invest in whichever property they might wish to. 
You will be the sole decision maker, and our job will only be to advise you and guide you about the possibilities and threats you could face as an investor.

An investor who invests through a corporate investment management firm would have to adhere to that firm’s rules and conditions, and the investor might not be able to use their personal opinions and wisdom to help the management of their own property.
With an extensive entrepreneurial experience in the field, our team can help you utilize your personal genius to manage your own investments rather than relying on the firm to dictate you on your decision making.
In today’s world, where entrepreneurs are rising to the top, an entrepreneurial approach is the best way to do any business, especially when it comes to investors’ property management. Every investment and investor comes with customized needs and wishes.

Our company accommodates all kinds of investors and their investments, however unique their needs might be. Our goal is to understand your investment needs and meet them as best as we can. You do not have to adapt and adjust to our company rules or try to understand the rules of the market, but instead, we will be trying to understand your expectations as to what kind of property you would be interested to invest in, how long would you like to keep your money invested, how much of a risk you are willing to bear and how profitable of an investment you are looking for.

Although it seems overly complicated to manage a real estate investment in today’s day and age where the economy has gotten the least predictable. We make sure that you partake in all of the decision makings when dealing with your property and have a proper understanding of how your money is being dealt with.

We believe that we are not the only ones providing knowledge to our clients, but our clients’ wisdom and intellect can also help us make the most out of their respective investments and give us an opportunity to learn. It is indeed a give and take for us! We share our experience and knowledge with you, and you give us a chance to employ your smarts into making the maximum profits for you! Isn’t that a sweet deal?

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Multiply Your Savings Through Private Lending

In order to be a successful investor in the long term, one needs to consider all players in the market that contribute to generating profit for every particular kind of investor. A corporate investment opportunity might seem like a safer option to some, while others might prefer lending to borrowers that are not part of the corporate borrowing landscape. There can be numerous reasons for a person to abstain from reaching out to a bank or a conventional institution that offers loans. These reasons vary from borrower to borrower, and each of those borrowers turns to private lenders as an alternate solution.

The idea is to lend your capital to another investor or a real estate fund managed by professionals and secure the said lending amount by a mortgage for the real estate property. Private lending offers any person with a savings account to gain substantial returns on their savings. If kept in a savings account, a person’s wealth can only stay secure and not achieve much more than that. Whereas by lending the same money to a private borrower, the wealth can not only multiply, but the real estate put in place of security is worth much more than the loan itself. Which makes private lending an even safer option than becoming a direct owner of real estate property. It averts the risks and increases the profit potential on your investment.   

Our company uses the funds from your self-directed IRA or 401(k) to extend loans to borrowers whom we find appropriately qualified. The borrowers we would recommend to you will go through intense scrutiny to make sure that your wealth will be secure with them and would be able to generate a profitable return on your investment.
Your wealth will be practically the most secure if you lend your wealth to a borrower against an asset’s value. This form of private lending is the most common among investors. You can choose the borrower as per your liking, depending on the asset they offer as security. Most private lenders would go for an asset that they have experience with, a kind of property whose value they can rely on and whose market ramifications they have experience in.

Private lending has risen to be an essential part of the real estate investment landscape and contributes to the career success of every long term real estate investor, be it directly or indirectly. It has become inevitable to stay oblivious to this side of the real estate landscape for the investors who are on the hunt for better possibilities at all times. The sooner an investor acquires knowledge on the subject of private lending, the more profit might be coming their way in the future.

Private lending is the ideal choice of investment for any investor looking to diversify their portfolio, which can be essential to sustain a long term profit prospect for any investor. Anyone with little to no experience in real estate investment can use the surplus from their income to offer private loans. Retirees who wish to make an investment that could generate a passive income should also consider this option. Either you use your income surplus or your retirement savings, private lending can offer a sizable return to your wealth regardless of the source of the wealth.

To become an independent private lender, one has to establish a business, then acquire insurance, then get muddled with lawyers and establish a corporate rapport and then you might be able to make some profit, but you can skip all those steps and reach out to us directly and become a private lender now!

How to become a private lender?

There are three essential components when it comes to private lending:
1. A lender: any investor looking for an unconventional and safe way to multiply his / her wealth or savings
2. A borrower: a party who is unable to secure a loan from a bank or prefers to borrow from a private lender for any particular reason
3. A ton of paperwork.

All you need to bring to the table is the first component, and we will take care of the rest. So, contact us today to widen your portfolio through a safe and guaranteed option of investment.

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Choose the Best, Choose Republic Investment!

To invest your wealth in real estate can be just as risky as it is profitable, and choosing the right firm to guide and help you throughout the process can make all the difference.  
Understanding the risks and minimizing them while making profits at the same can be a tough nut to crack for any new or experienced investor, and choosing a top real estate investment firm like ours will place you in the safest of hands. 

Any experienced real estate investor would call passion as one of the most important virtues to be successful in the business of real estate investment, and here, at Republic Investment Group, we are the utmost passionate about real estate, which makes us one of the most successful firms in the market.

We do not consider ourselves a middle party that merely circulates investments from one party to another and onto another, instead, our priority is to create value for each and every one of our clients by meeting the needs of every individual client. Our goal is for you to get much more out of your investment than you put into it.

Each investment plan we formulate caters to the particular client’s specific needs in question and helps them succeed in the market they wish to succeed in. Our entrepreneurial experience in the field allows us to think like an independent investor while keeping the real estate world’s technicalities and intricacies in mind.

Our business model is a testimony to our effective methods and strategies, as we do not earn any profit unless you do. That is the level of confidence we have in the efficacy of our services. We believe that our client should not be paying us for the promises we make but only for those that we successfully deliver. That is a fool-proof structure of the client-firm relationship that any smart investor would like to build. Our strategies ensure that clients and stakeholders get the maximum returns on their investment, and we see each of our clients’ success as our company’s success. 

Each of the project managers we assign to our clients works closely to identify each investor’s individual needs and pick the most lucrative investment opportunity. The efficiency in our operations sets us apart from other players in the market and keeps our clients satisfied with our performance.

As an investor, you are the key decision maker in the matter, as you will have total control over how your investment is being made and managed, our job is to employ our tools and experience to facilitate you in making those decisions. The data we acquire through the use of inventive technology is used to match your investment expectations with the best available investment options and helps you make the best out of your wit and wealth together. The real estate property you choose to invest in will determine whether your funds will be held in escrow by a third party title company or by a self-directed IRA custodian.

We help to make every step of the process easy for you, right from acquisition of the property to renovation to rehab, we work on your behalf to make sure you do not have any obstacles in your way towards gaining a sizable investment return. We will be there to help you navigate through different wholesalers, auctions, multiple listing service (MLS) when it’s time for the acquisition of your property and using our firm’s expertise, you can be sure to make the right choice every single time.

If you are particularly looking for investments that generate a steady cash flow through time, then our company is the best fit for you, as we specialize in managing real estate investments that produce a relatively liquid return on investment (ROI) for our partners. This can be promising for newer investors, especially those who are somewhat ambivalent about the possible returns on real estate investments. This is the safest way to take the first step towards getting into the domain of property investment.

Our business structure is one of complete transparency and allows our partners to freely trust us with their wealth and actively participate in the management of their property themselves. Contact us today to become a part of our satisfied clientele!

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Your Basic Guide to Managing an Investment Property

Managing an Investment Property

As a property investor, buying an investment property is just the first step. Its management is next. As a rental property owner, there are certain investors’ property management requirements you’ll have to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to make your investment a success.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Keeping up with property maintenance is the most important thing to do with your investment property for two main reasons. First, you’re legally responsible for the upkeep of the property so it meets specific health and safety standards under landlord-tenant law. This comprises keeping the common areas in good condition and ensuring that the tenants have a proper place to dispose of their garbage. Second, if your property isn’t maintained, you’ll have difficulty keeping and even finding tenants. Understand that people don’t want to live in a rat-infested rental with unending plumbing issues.

Avoid Tenant Turnover

Keeping your tenants happy is the next important way to manage your rental property successfully. This will want them to stay where there are, and keep renting from you. You can take certain steps to keep tenants happy, such as making an effort to place other good tenants in the property and responding swiftly to repair requests. One of the main reasons tenants move is because they’re not happy with their neighbors. If you want to weed out the good from the bad, having strict tenant screening procedures will assist you tremendously.

Follow Landlord-Tenant Law

Following and understanding US landlord-tenant law will assist you in managing your tenants and your rental property. Guidelines stem from it that you can take into consideration, allowing you to make fewer mistakes, and streamline the investors’ property management process.

For instance, you’ll learn the rules regarding how much you can take as security deposit, reasons a tenant may legally withhold rent, the process of evicting a tenant, reasons you can evict a tenant in your state, and when you must return a tenant’s security deposit. It’s important to  understand every statewide landlord-tenant law and keep within legal boundaries. It’s a good idea to also check with your local authorities on whether more laws are applicable.

Appoint a Property Manager

Managing a rental property can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. For certain property investors, appointing a property manager is the right way to eliminate this problem.

You can appoint a property manager to do as little or as much you want. Certain landlords only want them to gather the monthly rent, while others want investors’ property management firms to do everything from handling repairs to filling vacancies.

Appointing a property manager isn’t cheap and is undoubtedly a big decision. You need to weigh the financial benefits and drawbacks to identify if it might be the correct choice for you. Remember that there are a ton of bad property managers out there who can ruin your rental property and its reputation. It’s important that you thoroughly screen property managers, just as you would potential tenants.

Pay Your Taxes

Finally, if you want to make some decent bucks as a property investor, ensure you’re properly managing your financial obligations. Having to pay taxes is one of the most important financial obligations to which all investors must accede.

It may be confusing to pay taxes as a rental property owner. Since it’s a business, you can usually deduct home office expenses, and since it’s property, you can claim numerous deductions involve depreciation, as well. It’s often in your best interest to appoint an accountant who is skilled in investment property tax law. They can help you understand the deductions you’re permitted to take, along with the deductions that may raise a red flag with the IRS.

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Your Basic Guide to Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate

Ever had a landlord? Not everyone dreams of becoming one. Fielding calls regarding overflowing toilets and oversized bugs doesn’t seem like the most glamorous of jobs. However, if done right, investing in real estate can be quite lucrative, if not flashy. It can help diversify your current investment portfolio and simultaneously be an extra income stream.

Many of the best real estate investors are not at their tenants’ every beck and call (they have supers for that). The difficulty is that many new investors don’t know how or where to invest in real estate. Here are a few ways you can make a significant amount of money in real estate, ranging from low to high maintenance.

Purchase Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

REITs permit you to invest in real estate without the physical real estate. Unlike mutual funds, REITs own commercial real estates like hotels, apartments, retail spaces, and office buildings and tend to pay good dividends making them a typical investment for retirement. Investors who don’t want or need regular income can automatically reinvest those dividends to grow their investment further.

But should you invest in REITs? They’re a good investmen, but can also be complex and varied. Certain trade on an exchange, while others are not publicly traded. The type of REIT you buy can be a huge factor in the degree of risk you’re taking on, as REITs that are not traded don’t sell easily and may be difficult to value. New investors should generally stick to publicly traded REITs that can be bought through top real estate investment firms. For this, you require a brokerage account. If you don’t have one already, opening one doesn’t take more than a few minutes, and a lot of companies don’t require initial investment (though the REIT itself will likely have an investment minimum).

Use an Online Real Estate Investing Platform

If you’re familiar with top real estate investment firms that connect investors and borrowers willing to lend them money for a variety of personal needs, like a home renovation or a wedding  you understand online real estate investing.

Platforms like these connect investors and real estate developers who want financing for their projects, either through debt or equity. Investors hope to receive quarterly or monthly distributions in exchange for taking on a substantial amount of risk and paying a fee to the platform. Similar to many real estate investments, these are illiquid and speculative – you can’t unload them easily the way you can trade a stock. The catch is that you require money to make money.

Think about investing in rental properties

You can purchase or rent out all of the investment property. Search for someone that offers combined expenses lower than the amount you can charge in rent. And if you’re unwilling to be the individual who comes with a tool belt to fix a leak – or even the one who calls the repairman – you also need to hire a property manager.

Rent out a room

Lastly, you can also rent a portion of your home through a site like Airbnb. It is house-hacking for the commitment-phobic. Airbnb at least somewhat prescreens potential renters, and you don’t have to take on a long-term tenant. The company also guarantees protection against damages, up to a limited amount.

Compared to the fancy concept of real estate investing, renting out a room feels a lot more accessible. You can rent it if you’ve got a spare room.

Similar to every investment decision, the best real estate investments are those that serve you best – the investor. Think about how much capital you’re willing to invest, how much time you have, and whether you want to be the one who deals with household issues when they inevitably surface. If you don’t have do-it-yourself skills, consider investing in real estate through a REIT or a crowd-funding platform instead of directly in a property.

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Why Investing in Airbnb Properties Is Worth It?

Investing in Airbnb Properties

Airbnb is an online platform for individuals interested in renting out their homes. This platform connects them with tourists and travellers who are searching for accommodation in the homeowners’ area.

Well, Airbnb real estate investing is undoubtedly a great way for investors to earn money from their investment property. Basically, it’s a strategy in which a real estate investor purchases a rental property, listing either the individual rooms on Airbnb or the entire house. Usually, a real estate investor does not live in the Airbnb investment property.

Since the platform was launched more than a decade ago, it has attained tremendous growth. If you’re interested in becoming an Airbnb host, you may be wondering whether it’ll be a profitable real estate investment. Well, generally, Airbnb real estate investment is perceived as one of the best real estate investments to make now, thanks to the plethora of opportunities it presents for investors.

However, the Airbnb rental strategy does not come without its pitfalls. How successful you’ll be in this business will depend on a number of factors. Before taking the dive, consider the benefits and drawbacks of Airbnb. This blog will help you get a better idea of whether Airbnb real estate investing will be a good fit for you. Here’s a list of the benefits that Airbnb offers:

Free Listings

You don’t need to pay expensive sign-up fees to list your rental property on Airbnb. What you need to do is create your profile with good paragraphs and a decent written description. This allows prospective guests to understand what you’re offering.

High Potential Returns

If your Airbnb property is located in a favorite tourist destination, is furnished well, properly listed, and offers top-notch customer service, you can net a high return on investment by attracting a steady stream of guests. It can even bring in more revenue than it would if you were the landlord of a long term rental.

You Can Set Your Own Price

As a host, Airbnb real estate investing gives you the flexibility to decide how to charge guests: monthly, weekly, or even per night. As an Airbnb real estate host or investor, you can also increase the rental price since it is fixed just for the term of the leases. Just make sure you add the change in your listing.

Host Protection

There are several risks associated with Airbnb hosting. However, in certain countries, the Airbnb Host Guarantee program protects hosts for up to $1,000 if a guest damages the rental property. Keep in mind that this doesn’t replace renters or homeowners insurance.

Cultural Experiences

Besides the money, Airbnb real estate investing often brings about cultural exchanges. This is because many travelers from across the planet and from every walk of life now use the platform. If  learning about new cultures is something that fascinates you, you can get a fair dose of it from the various travelers.

More Flexibility

Owning an Airbnb investment also offers flexibility. For example, if your property isn’t available on a certain date, you can choose to block off that particular date. This way, it won’t allow guests to book for the dates your property won’t be available. If you plan on being out of town or need to do a major repair, you can block this date off. However, no such option is granted to a typical landlord.

Control the Upkeep of Your Rental Property

After a landlord signs a lease with long-term tenants, it practically belongs to the tenants even though it’s the landlord that has to maintain the property. Usually, the landlord loses a fair bit of control over their property; sometimes, this leads to substantial damages to the home, repairing of which may be costly. However, with short-term rentals, you get to check the property regularly. You’ll be doing maintenance and cleaning it more often.

The Bottom Line Airbnb real estate investing can be quite lucrative. So, is investing in Airbnb an option you should be taking seriously? Well, that depends on you and your particular situation. Before deciding on becoming an Airbnb host, it’s a good idea to go through all the benefits we’ve discussed above. If you choose to invest in Airbnb properties, you can turn to the Republic Investment Group to find and analyze a profitable Airbnb investment property in the US.